Wel Come to Anew Ceylon Tea & Spices (Pvt) Ltd

Anew Ceylon Tea & Spices (Pvt) Ltd is a Tea and Spices Exporting company in Sri Lanka, equipped with all producing facilities under ISO requirements. Tea Exports take place by selling value-added loose packing and bulk form while Spice exports take place in loose and bulk form, in many years. The company participates in many exhibitions and trade shows annually in many parts of the world to promote the products and services to the public. Anew Ceylon Tea & Spices (Pvt) Ltd., now serves the customers in the USA through its Hawaii Office in Honolulu.

Tea and Health

The function of tea, the health benefits of tea and natural, bioactive compounds in tea, as essential elements in a healthy lifestyle is best explained by the first line in Kakuzo Okakura’s 1906 philosophical treatise on tea, The Book of Tea. Okakura sums up the historical and ancient belief in tea as more than just a pleasing beverage by writing, “Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage.”

Scientific research confirms what Asians believed for centuries – that green and black tea contain powerful natural antioxidants which can protect regular tea drinkers from many degenerative diseases.

The main degenerative diseases of concern today are heart disease, high blood pressure stroke, cancer and diabetes. Studies have shown that the antioxidant activity of flavonoids in green and black tea reduces the risk of many degenerative diseases and help maintain good oral health.


Amount of caffeine in a cup of tea or coffee could vary due to many reasons such as the variety of tea or coffee, method of processing, brewing etc. However, in general coffee contains higher amounts of caffeine than tea. An average cup of tea could contain 15 – 60 mg of caffeine while in coffee it could be 60 – 150 mg.