Anew Ceylon Tea & Spices Products

Anew Ceylon Tea & Spices (Pvt) Ltd is a Tea and Spices Exporting company in Sri Lanka, equipped with all producing facilities under ISO requirements. Tea Exports take place by selling value-added loose packing and bulk form while Spice exports take place in loose and bulk form, in many years.Ceylon Tea is known to be the best tea in the world. It is one of the most sought brands in, both locally and globally. You will find more information about Anew Tea products in this page.


Premium Ceylon Tea

Grown at high elevations and picked during the season, the teas are steeped with the matchless Ceylon character. The teas are specially blended and packed within 72 hours of arriving at our warehouses, preserving their unique quality for connoisseurs of Ceylon Tea. This full-bodied cup with a bright infusion is best taken with milk at any time of the day.

Green Tea

Often referred to as unfermented tea; the freshly picked leaves are allowed to dry prior to being heat-treated, a process which stops fermentation (or oxidation), locking in the definitive natural flavors and preserving the quality. Green tea has long been known to impart several health benefits, not the least of which include its low caffeine content and ability to boost the metabolism, aiding in weight loss. Supplied in custom-made and regular flavors such as Peppermint, Earl Grey (Bergamot), Jasmine, Ginger, Lemon and Ginger, and Honey and Lemon, these teas are the sought after beverage of the health savvy.

Flavored Tea

The teas are infused with a diverse set of natural flavours, blended with a medium body and rosy character. Best taken without milk and sugar, these teas are also enjoyed with just a touch of honey and are the preferred choice of a new generation of tea lovers. Flavor infusions range from the exotic to the adventurous and include fruit, spice, herbal and even liquor flavors. Fruit blends encompass everything from tropical to Mediterranean fruits whilst herbal teas range from the common tastes of chamomile and mint to more unusual varieties. Flavor combination options are inexhaustible, giving customers the freedom to create their own inimitable blends. This is simply the most convenient and innovative way to enjoy a premium tea.

Pyramid Tea Bags

This innovative new method of packing disperses the maximum flavor into the cup of tea as the design of the bag provides more room for the tea leaves and infusions to express-release a more fulsome flavor into the cup. This latest, fast moving product in the tea market will be appreciated by the true connoisseur for the greater visibility that this unique bag allows. Adding to its already exceptional qualities, customers have the opportunity of specifying their own exclusive packaging.

Gift Tea Packs

A vast variety of teas attractively presented in an array of packaging. These teas make the ideal gift and come ready-made in the following casings:

Porcelain Elephant Caddy, Metal Cans, Paper Composite Canisters, Ornamental Clay Teapot, Porcelain Teapot, Flavoured Tea Terracotta Container, Flavoured Tea Wooden Container, Tropical Gift Tea Cartons, E-Flute Presentation Boxes, and Wooden Presentation Boxes